Check EPF Balance Passbook – EPF Statement UAN

Check EPF Balance Passbook, statement UAN

In line with “Digital India” initiative of Respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, EPFO has introduced digitization and centralization of all the activities relating to EPF (like registration under single UAN, withdrawal, etc.). This will not only bring the transparency but will also come up with convenience and ease in operation of EPF accounts which mandatory to linked under single UAN.

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EPFO Member Login

UAN has facilitated anytime, and easy access to current EPF balance as well as allows the account holders to download the EPF UAN statement. However, having an active UAN is the prerequisite for availing all of these facilities.

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UAN is registered or obtained by the employer (in the cases where the account holder is an employed person) or the person himself (in the case where he is unemployed or student). However, just obtaining the UAN is not enough, since it needs to be activated through the mobile app or on the EPF portal online.

UAN Activation Procedure:

Before activating UAN, it is important that the account holder receives the UAN from the employer or the account holder obtains the same by himself (in case he is a student or unemployed). UAN assigned to the majority of existing EPF account holders, and those who will get registered under EPF henceforth must obtain registration under UAN.

Obtaining UAN will open the way to convenient and easiest way to access your EPF balance at any time and without even visiting the PF office physically.

  • UAN can activate by logging into the EPF portal. All you need will be UAN, EPF member ID (which issued by the establishment in which the account holder works), EPF office and state (as applicable) and mobile number.
  • You can directly login to the EOF portal and click on activate button which will require you to fill in certain mandatory personal details.
  • UAN can also activate through the mobile app, which needs to download on your smartphone. When you log in for the first time on the app, you will be asked to generate pin which will use for UAN activation.
  • This pin sent to the registered mobile number. Once successfully logged in with this pin, the further window will open up asking for password creation. This user ID and password sent to the account holder after successful log in procedures.

How will UAN ease up your life?

Once the account holder gets the UAN activated, there are multiple benefits which will flow into him. However, every individual must have single UAN, since PF member ID (as issued by the entity for which the account holder work for) published by the employer will link under this single UAN.

UAN Login or How to Login in UAN portal?

In, all in all, UAN will act as single point of interaction and activity on the EPF, be it withdrawal, be it claims or even monthly contribution alerts. Here are the benefits of UAN to the EPF account holders.

  • UAN acts as umbrella account wherein all the PF accounts (about current as well as previous employments) will put together. This facilitates the concise view of each paisa in your EPF account at a glance.
  • UAN is crucial and vital in the sense where the account holder changes the jobs. In such cases, when he links the member ID allotted by the current employer, EPF portal based on UAN will trigger the auto transfer of PF balance from the previous EPF account to current Member ID account.
  • UAN is a mandatory requirement for EPF withdrawal.
  • With UAN, the account holder can apply for online withdrawal of EPF balance.
  • UAN facilitates registration of mobile number and email ID, which will allow you to receive regular alerts and even ay help you out while checking in latest PF account balance.
  • UAN helps you access and download the PF account statement.
  • UAN helps the employees achieve the sense of independence from the employer since they do not need approval for the claim procedures or even transfer of PF balance etc.

How to access and check EPF balance?     

Through EPF portal

  • The first step is to get the UAN activated either through EPF portal or mobile app. After UAN activation, you will get the user ID and password to login to EPF portal or EPF mobile app.
  • Once logged in, the account holder should click on PF balance details for checking on to the current PF balance.

Through registered mobile number

  • Alternatively, you can also check the EPF latest balance through the mobile app. However, remember to use the register mobile number while checking EPF balance through an app.
  • There are two ways to check on EPF balance through EPF mobile app
  1. Through SMS facility

You just need to send the text in the below format to 7738299899


Once the UAN account holder sends the above text message through registered mobile number to the prescribed number, He will receive the SMS which will contain following details

  1. PF balance as on date
  2. Latest Contribution to PF account
  3. KYC details
  4. Member details

This service is available ten languages.

  1. Through missed call facility

UAN account holders should give missed call on 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number.

Once the account holder gives a missed call on the above number, he will receive KYC details as well as PF balance details through SMS.

Through mobile app

  • The first step is to download the EPF app from the play store
  • Log in to app with your active UAN (if not activated, then please refer to guidelines for UAN activation in the first part of this article)
  • Once logged in, you can avail of many online EPF services, one of which is checking or tracking current EPF balance.
  • The account holder can view latest EPF balance, last PF contribution, interest earned, etc. on the mobile app.

What is UAN statement or UAN passbook?

UAN passbook or UAN statement looks like any other statement or passbook, which has two sides for credit and debit. With the help of UAN, any Pf account holder can download the EPF statement online. This statement is popularly known as UAN statement or UAN passbook. This report contains following details.

  • Personal details like name, address, PAN, etc.
  • PF related mandatory details like UAN, PF member ID, PF office, establishment code, etc.
  • Employer ‘s contribution to EPF balance (balance as on date)
  • Employee’s contribution to EPF balance (balance as on date)
  • EPF balance as on date (consist of interest earned)
  • Monthly contribution by employee as well as employer to the EPF balance

How to download EPF UAN statement or UAN passbook?

  • Login to EPF portal with UAN user ID and password as receive after UAN activation.
  • Then EPF portal will open the dashboard which will have a button for view passbook. This button will redirect you to download the passbook.
  • Another way to download the UAN statement is to go to View option on the dashboard, which gives a drop-down menu for multiple PF accounts.
  • This option will allow the account holder to have a look at more than one PF accounts about current and previous employment.
  • Once you click on download the passbook, you will receive the UAN statement containing the personal details and PF details, etc.
  • The UAN account holder can also download the UAN statement through the EPF app.

Benefits of UAN statement or UAN passbook:

  • The account holder can view and ascertain the current EPF balance which will help him to plan for retirement.
  • The account holder can be sure that the employer is making the EPF contributions regularly and periodically.
  • EPF transfers can also observe, and the account holder can track the status of the EPF transfer to the new account, in a case of the job change.
  • The account holder can check the interest earned on the EPF balance, since interest earned as indicated in UAN statement.
  • The account holder can download the EPF UAN statement for n number of times, even after withdrawal or transfer or even where there is no contribution from the employer (in case the employee quits the job).

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