PF balance check – check provident fund details

PF balance check – check provident fund details

This guide is all about how to check PF balance check and check provident fund details and all information about at their epfo member login site.

A provident fund (PF) is to provide a stability and financial security to the elder or older people. You are interest in the employee provident fund scheme. You can contribute to this fund when you start your career in an employee. Mostly the contribution will be made based on the company’s procedure rules and regulation.

The employee provident fund is consisting of the amount deducted from the employee salary. If the employee contributes his or her salaries to the employee provident fund good indication for retaining the salary. In the year of 2013 launched the Indian government online inquiry about the employee provident fund at their site epfo member login.

How to check the EPF employee provident fund balance in online

Here we give some few steps to known the current balance of employee provident funds. These steps will help to check with the internet connection. Such as.,

  • First of all, we know our employee provident fund account number.
  • Go to the employee provident fund official website like that or EPFO member portal.
  • Then, to click on the right corner of the page can see “know your balance”.
  • Now you must select your state of provident fund office.
  • Then you can see EPF account number. Type your account number in the required box.
  • Next, the page will ask one by one which district, the state will be listed down. For example provident fund state office is Tamilnadu and provident fund district office is Salem.
  • Finally, fill your provident fund account number and the employee name.
  • Then click on the submit button.
  • Now, the EPF balance will be sent to your mobile phone.
  • How to check the employee provident fund balance via UAN
  • First, we need an internet connection.
  • Go to the official web page like that
  • Now you can see the right corner of the page universal account number.
  • Enter your universal account number of UAN.
  • Then enter your registered mobile number. After that, you will get SMS from the employee provident office.
  • Next, go to select the employee provident fund state and district as per the procedure.
  • Fill the captcha code in the system. Finally, you can receive the pin number and the employee provident fund balance sheet details.

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How to check employee provident fund via SMS or Missed Call

There are so many ways for known your employee provident fund balance details. One of the easiest ways is active your online connection is via SMS or the missed call. You must need your universal account number in your employee provident fund account pass book.

If your mobile number is registered in the employee provident office. You can give a missed call to your registered mobile number. Giving a missed call to this number 011-22901406 then you can receive SMS that will show your provident fund account number, age, and name as per the employee provident fund records.

However, you must enroll your aadhar number or pan card along with the employee provident fund account details.

How to check employee provident fund balance via mobile app

  • First of all, you must be download your EPFO mobile app. recently the employee provident fund office launches a mobile app to know your EPF balance.
  • Then open your mobile app on your mobile phone.
  • To click on the EPF member.
  • Now the app page will ask your UAN universal account number. The system will verify your UAN number is correct or not.
  • In case you’re mobile number, and the employee universal 12 digit account number is correct. After that, you receive an EPF balance along with details.
  • If you want to know past seven-month details, click on the EPF passbook.


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